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4 / 21 / 24

happy with my life rn. graudating hs very soon and im excited for summer. havent been on here in a while..

1 / 28 / 24

"how could i forget ab u.. idk what i'd do without u..."

1 / 21 / 24

that paragraph i wrote ab him is like so embarrassing bc he doesnt care ab me like that at all 😭😭. lame as fuck i reject so many guys but cant have the one i want. and hes not even a good person he actually sucks a lot.

1 / 08 / 24

crazy how u can make a girl feel special even when ur not around. theres always been something different and refreshing about u that ik ill cherish forever. even if i dont always feel like u care, when i feel like im just ur prop, im still greatful for u. im petrified of telling u, even tho i feel like my actions make all of this clear. i guess im more scared of ur reaction than anything. im so vulnerable around u. everyone thinks im crazy for loving u. but i think theyre crazy for not seeing u how i do. i'd give up anything and everything to be close to u. ive never been so drawn to a person before and all i want is to be able to pour my heart into u.

12 / 31 / 23

last day of 2023... i kindof really want to live in a van or like bus. going on the road seems so freeing but its smth i wouldnt be able to have for alteast 4+ years bc of college and also nature scares me really bad sometimes and id just need someone else to be there w me.

12 / 29 / 23

bro i havent updated this in so long. ill prob work on this a lot more after i graduate highschool in like a few months idk.

12 / 5 / 23

broke up w him ;) done tolerating disrespect

12 / 1 / 23

happy december to all my fellow snow bunny princesses <3 !! 🐇🎀

11 / 29 / 23

does it ever get boring being more invested in my own life than i am?

11 / 28 / 23

life recently > that idgaf mentality been so nice

11 / 23 / 23

geez havent written in around a life is going super duper good :) on vacation rn and idk i jus been happy lately

11 / 1 / 23

happy bday peep <3 u saved my life i jus wish someone had been there to save urs. u didnt deserve it. ur music has touched the souls of millions of people and ur loved by so many. i was in the darkest part of my life and felt like nobody could ever understand my pain but ur music captured it perfectly and gave me the comfort i needed to keep going.

10 / 29 / 23

slowly destroying myself 4 u :(

10 / 26 / 23

i <3 my bf | also the concert was way better than i thought an like lowkey inspired me fthbhfjdbh

10 / 24 / 23

i was productive today :3 !! recorded some vocals an got some work done on a song.. im hoping to release an EP w like 3 songs on it in a few weeks. . . tom im going to a concert :( kinda nervy bc its like not my taste at all but imma try to jus make the best of it. worst case ill just retract into my head and spend the whole night talking to/thinking about God.

10 / 23 / 23

"left my world behind 4 u !!! i jus hope u find the truth inside of u !!!!!😖😖😖" found another gem of a peep song

10 / 20 / 23

2 days tell i drop my debut single !!! oh em gee . i love it bc like my singing voice isnt tht good imo so im jus bein whispery and like giggly and its so like silly like i love how not serious it is?? like im jus expressing myself regardless of the flaws yk makin smth that appeals to me an accurately portrays me/my emotions. its not meant to be like smth innovative or even objectively "good" so i jus hope ppl don take it too serious, but this is the internet so who knows.

10 / 18 / 23

im not gonna be posting abt this anywhere else until i officially release it but im working on a project that is basically a song, i love music and poetry so its basically a combo of those 2 things... itll release on my soundcloud + youtube on the 22nd :3 (u can find both of those on my links page)

10 / 16 / 23

i literally love looking unsettling in a cute way!!!

10 / 14 / 23

i got my ears pierced today :3 it hurt but like i didnt mind ? i got it done at an actual piercing shop bc i didnt want to get it done w a piercing gun... emocean this song is how i think of him . ^ (ignore my comments under the song 💀)

10 / 12 / 23

i feel stuck in this loop of sin. ik i should be praying but i been bowing down to weed instead of God...

10 / 10 / 23

happy 18th to me :) finally an adult... not sure what to do

10 / 04 / 23

having God is literally amazing but i live for human interaction. i love socializng but i rarely do it bc im so scared of other people. why is the world so cruel :(

10 / 01 / 23

"I hate waking up and not knowing my importance
The effort isn’t showing
The hate is getting potent
Can’t look up at the clock, my time is getting shortened
I been fighting for my life wondering when the fuck they’ll notice"
^ music that describes ur situation >

09 / 29 / 23

11 days . . . 🎁

09 / 28 / 23

sigh. english class is going to be the death of me.

09 / 27 / 23

moving out in 13 days. im so nervous to tell my parent bro :,) like im scared to finally take control of my life but ive been waiting for this moment for so many years.

09 / 22 / 23

today is a good day :3 " This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. " ~ Psalm 118:24 !!! i love how the bible has a quote for almost every situation..

09 / 21 / 23

lalalalala i hav no idea whats going on in my life rn lalalala autism ⭐️ 🩰 !!! shoutout to drake for saving my life rn w his music 😭 cant wait for his new album its gonna save me when i move out later in october

09 / 19 / 23

computer science makes me want to RAAAAA i cant even do good in the class i want to major in and work in for the rest of my life. ~ NVM i was being so overdramatic i love this class sm!!!!

09 / 17 /23

youtube clip of drake & bobbi
how me n him used to joke around :/

09 / 12 / 23

"my life is my poetry , my love making is my legacy" lana so real for that

09 / 11 / 23


09 / 08 / 23

jus saw the guy who stopped talking to me twice and just . he glanced like i was nothing. =havign a breakdown rn
"You're screwed up and brilliant
Look like a million dollar man
So why is my heart broke?"

09 / 07 / 23

men 😍😇🙏🥰😊

09 / 06 / 23

ed thoughts takin over once again :/

09 / 05 / 23

crazy how my life is carmen by lana del rey . . . ppl online r always romanticizing trauma & being "delusional" but this is actually tragic. its not cute if u think any of this is cute u r insufferable.

09 / 01 / 23

"But she look me in the eyes like she know my pain, that's me And she always let me be myself, she don't ever take bread She don't need no help, that's real While I'm busy tryna get my wealth She ain't worry about a thing except my dick and my health, that's real" (Worlds Away ~ Lil Peep) the fact i've been this girl for every guy ever bc im the 'manic pixie dream girl' with a weird style an autism who is always left behind but i've always tried to be empathetic and understanding. + the bpd makes me center my whole life around them to accommodate them in some way.

08/ 30 / 23

happy again :) God heals fr !!!

08 / 28 / 23

when ur ex tells u that u look gorgeous after his friends yell at u ☂️

08 / 25 / 23

"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life." - Proverbs 31 : 10-12 ~ i can't stop thinking about the epilogue in Proverbs. the ultimate goal of mine is to be able to serve not only God but a husband and kids. it just seems so fulfilling. 🌷

08 / 23 / 23

i've never felt this happy in my whole life. i encourage everyone to find God in your hearts. there is a place for all of you by His side! :) I know it can feel overwhelming but its never too late.

08 / 22 / 23

im scared. these last 24 hours has been so awful lmfao.

08 / 21 / 23

once again srry for no recent updates. been busy

08 / 18 / 23

sorry i didnt update yesterday. the adrenaline rush kept me too busy

08 / 16 / 23

i miss my bestfriend..🌡 also why do ppl have to be so mean / judgy jus based on how someone dresses :(

*best experience on desktop*

" You are the light,
I've been searchin' for forever
Feels like, man,
I've really never felt the rain 🌧
Buried in the desert,
didn't think I'd push through the dirt
You just cleansed me like a waterfall,
you came "